Six Things About Me

One of the hardest things about hiring a photographer is not knowing the type of person you will be handing over your hard earned dollars to on some of the most important occasions of your life. So, I would like to take the time to tell you a bit about myself:

1. Quite obviously, I love to take pictures.

From landscapes to wildlife, and product photography to still lifes, I love shooting all kinds of photos. But, my favorite photos are the ones I shoot of people. I love to shoot weddings, family portraits, high school senior pictures, engagement photos, event photography, maternity photography, photos of newborns, babies and children, glamour and model photography. I am located in the Central Florida area and am a big fan of natural and outdoor settings.

2. I am also a graphic designer, website developer and art director.

I have spent over 25 years as a graphic designer, website developer and art director and currently own and operate a website design agency. I have worked with print shops, advertising agencies, magazines, and private companies, in creating innovative and powerful marketing pieces, both online and offline. I strive to bring my creative and art direction skills to each shoot that I do. Your session isn't going to be like any old boring studio shoot you have had done before...guaranteed!

3. I don't just shoot people, I also work on personal, "just for fun" projects for myself.

On the personal side, I am currently working on two Photographic Art Studies. I am doing a series called Abandoned, featuring old and abandoned structures and items, and a series called Tracks, featuring various railroad tracks from across Florida. I also, from time to time, will do a creative artistic treatment to a portrait session, just for fun.

4. I enjoy supporting local causes, especially working with the homeless.

I am passionate about supporting causes, especially local organizations and people, and have been a part of the Help Portrait planning team in Orlando, since it's inception. Stop by my blog and check out my posts about the 2009 and 2010 events. I look forward to December every year, when our main events roll around. If you like to be involved in helping others and want to be a part of Help Portrait Orlando, contact me. You don't have to be a photographer. There are plenty of other roles we need help with as well.

5. I'm a bit of a social media junkie.

Be sure to visit my blog to find out about my latest photography projects. I also frequent FaceBook and love posting some of the best pics from my photo sessions over there for all to see (with my client's permission, of course)!Head over to my FaceBook page as well, and "like" me. A girl can always use more fans!I am also a "tweeter," so if you are on Twitter follow me! My newest social media passions are Pinterest and Instagram.

6. I love animals and support no-kill animal shelters and organizations.

All of my animals have been rescues of some sort or another. My current "fur-babies" include my bossy and extremely spoiled Patterdale Terrier Mix, Harley Quinn (aka "Baby Girl"), and my vocal and cuddly Siberian Husky boys, Trevor and Kashmir. All three are rescue dogs and have been with me since they were young.

My first dog (as an adult on my own) was Pooh Bear, a border collie/chow mix, who I rescued from Seminole County Animal Services in 1991, as an 8-week old puppy. She and I were practically joined at the hip, and she was the love of my life for 21 years until she finally passed away in 2012. She lived an amazing and super long life, and I miss her dearly — even now. It took three pups to try to replace the hole she left in my heart, as you can see. ;) 

If you are interested in a photo session for your pet, I will donate 5% of the session fee back to the NO KILL animal shelter or organization or your choice.

Trevor & Kashmir, my Siberian Huskies

My Siberian Huskies, Trevor (Black & White) and Kashmir (All White). © Nora Kramer Photography. All rights reserved.

Harley Quinn (aka "Baby Girl"), my Patterdale Terrier

My Patterdale Terrier, Harley Quinn (a.k.a. "Baby Girl") © Nora Kramer Photography. All rights reserved.
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